Would You Give Up Your Phone?

In a world that’s constantly evolving technologically, habits are often put to the test.

With habits relying on a cue to trigger the behavior, it can be difficult for us to reclaim control over our technology habits. In today’s society, we’re surrounded by tech devices and Wi-Fi is everywhere! This combination makes it even more difficult for us to keep our habits in check.

So, I (Georges) decided that instead of taking my phone with me everywhere I went, I would remove its proximity as an external stimulus and reclaim some control over my tech habits.

I reasoned that if the only way for me to contact someone was through a message or phone call, then I would be more selective in my responses.

So, I started leaving my phone behind on weekends to see how it would go.

What happened? It was hard at first, but after a few months without my smartphone on the weekends, I realized that life didn’t end when I accidentally left my phone at home or in the car!

In fact, it was kind of freeing.

My weekends went by smoothly and uninterrupted with no one needing my immediate attention. It made me realize that I had been putting way too much pressure on myself for years! So why not take a break from it all?

Now I live without my phone during the weekend and absolutely love it!

I’d like to challenge you to try it yourself, so pick up your phone right now, turn it off and put it in the other room. Try giving your weekend some digital freedom by disconnecting for just one day. I’m confident that once you experience what life is like without your smartphone, you’ll want to live without it more often.

Imagine your weekend without your phone… I bet your habits will take it from there.

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Georges Hanna



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