The Secret Anatomy of Sales

To sell anything to anyone, anywhere… is so simple, yet very few know about it.

The secret is: the “Stress Response”.


Here is how we function as humans…

And by understanding our functionality as a species everything becomes doable including closing tough deals, selling and buying, creating value, increasing prices… you name them.

By human nature, when we face a problem our mind and body response using a chemical called the Stress Hormone or so called Cortisol. This hormone has a definite purpose which is to move us into Action:

  • either to run away from that problem
  • or to freeze and do nothing
  • or to face it and find a solution to get out of that problem.

The first and the third options (running away or facing the problem) are natural and encoded in our genes. Freezing is a program we inherited from school, family and society. Freezing is not a human nature. Yet, most people are conditioned to do it.

Therefore, when your client faces a problem they either run away, freeze (90% of people do it for a period of time), or face it and take steps to solve that problem and get the results they want.

So, how to apply that in your sales and business to help your clients achieve and transform?

Take it this way:

  • client faces a problem
  • - they come to you or find your Ad…
  • - they choose one of three options: run, freeze, or buy your offer to solve their problem.

Most likely, they freeze. Now, it is your job to indoctrinate them into actions. Remember, the stress hormone has one purpose: Move Us into ACTION. Yet, we as human beings do the opposite.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to help your potential client overcomes first their mental block to take actions instead of running away or freezing.

Your daily SHOW: your posts, your YouTube, your TikTok, your Instagram… shall help your people move into actions.


For instance, I sell my high end offer for $8,000, but because most of my potential clients are at a stage of freezing or running away, I don’t show them this offer right away. Even-though it will transform their life and results 10X+. That what it did to all my previous students.

Instead, i give them a very low risk offer: My Micro Workshop Magic for $37 and I guide them step by step to get the results they want at this early stage.

Now, they started to move into ACTION.

Now, I start ascending them into my Value Steps to take more Actions to change their circumstances and move toward getting bigger and bigger results.

The whole concept is so simple…

Here is a recap of it:

  • people freeze or run away when they face a problem
  • your job is to move them into actions using social media postings or Ads…
  • give a low risk offer to work with you to help them achieve Micro Results
  • once they start moving into action. which is the human nature, you start helping them more and ascending them into taking bigger Actions
  • therefore, ascending them on your Value Steps and selling more offers.

This is sales in 2021…

This is neuroscience 101

Remember, knowledge is the precursor of change…

Keep sharing your wisdom because there is someone hungry for it.

To Your Exponential Success!

Georges Hanna




I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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Georges Hanna

Georges Hanna

I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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