The future is for innovation…

Georges Hanna
2 min readJan 4, 2022


The future is for high value products and services. High value products became highly productive and highly innovative solutions. A high value product sticks with the customer and give them higher profits in the three currencies: Energy, Time, and Money.

Everything else becomes obsolete. You can not sell price or function any more. You need to sell innovation and new opportunities to your customers.

But… are you prepared to change your mindset about business in the next couple of years?

Are you already open for new innovations?

The most important questions is: How can we create a new high value product with innovative process, solutions and products.

In the innovation world it’s all about relationships.

Innovation is not just simply using technology or buying software. Innovation is an understanding of your market, technology, and people to create a new value for your customers.

Innovation can be as small as a revolutionary process you have created in your business or as big as a DIPA — Digital Income Producing Assets.

But nothing gets done without innovation from you! You are the key element in this whole business. And if you think about it, YOU are the business.

It’s not enough just to use some new tools or services on your website. You need to be innovative in your process, relationships and communication with your stakeholders.

The future is for innovation!

Watch those videos I have created on the topic to take your business from competition and price dropping to innovation and higher profits:

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