Programming Customers

(Part 3)

Read Part 1 and Part 2 right now.

In Part 3, I will give you an example on how to Help your prospect get involved in your marketing process, and to answer your sales call.

The decision on your marketing and your sales does not happen at the creative mind level of your customer, it happens at their programed mind level.

Remember the two important parts of your mind: The creative mind which is your conscious mind, and the programmed mind which is your subconscious mind.

The programmed mind of human beings (you and your customer), does not know the difference between a real experience and an experience that is created by thought alone.

The programmed mind looks at the human experience or the customer experience from the eyes of your conscious mind and emotions.

An experience is recorded in your programmed mind once you repeat that thought over and over again, and you attach a feeling or an emotion to it.

Example: you buy a beautiful and colorful shirt that makes your face glow. When you look at the mirror you start thinking about all the good things that shirt is giving you. That makes your programmed mind inject a happy chemical in your body called dopamine to help you create an emotional signature or a feeling to remember that experience. Once your body remember that happy emotion, it influences your mind to search for similar experiences. This is why, if you practice happy experiences in your life, you get happier experiences; therefore you become happier.

Another example, when I start thinking about my problems in life or in business, my programmed mind injects my body with the non-happy chemical called the stress hormone or cortisol. The purpose of this chemical is to alert my body from the danger experience called business problem. Now, my body creates a negative emotional signature or a negative feeling, that will re-influence my mind to produce more negative thinking. This is why thinking and feeling negative will put you down. It opens hell on you.

So now you see the power of your programmed mind and the emotions attached to every thought or experience in it.

The same applies to your customer…

The happier the emotion is, the happier the thought is, the happier the experience is.

This is why, people buy on emotion not logic. Because, emotions influence your programed mind to produce more positive or negative thoughts.

The more positive thoughts your customer produces, the happier the emotions they produce, the happier the experience would be.

In contrast, The more negative thoughts your customer produced, the more negative the emotions they produce, the saddened the experience would be.

When your customer faces a problem and they come to you to solve it, your job is to turn that negative thought in their programmed mind into a positive one, so they can start reproduce happier emotions and change their lives.

and the other way is true: create positive emotions will recreate positive thoughts, which means happier experience.

Your message on social media, your marketing campaign, your sales process, and all your communications with your customer shall be dedicated to one thing: Help Your Customer Acquire a New Positive Habit.

A habit is a thought with an emotional signature.

Customers experience problems because of the bad habits they develop and the limiting beliefs they create.

Customers who develop obesity, they have developed bad eating habits.

Customers who develop poverty, they have developed bad financial habits.

Customers who develop broken relationships, they have developed bad communications habits…

Remember, a habit is a repetition of the same thought and feeling over and over again, until you create a signature of it in your. programmed mind and your emotional house which is your body.

Therefore, repetition is key in your marketing and sales to help your customer change their circumstances and elevate their experience.

To Your Elevated Experience!

Georges Hanna

(Next, I’ll be talking about the importance of helping your customer setting big goals when they come across your product or your solution, and the importance of helping them create big results… Stay tuned).




I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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Georges Hanna

Georges Hanna

I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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