Programming Customers

Did you ever thought that you are programming your customers?

You are programming your customers to think in a certain way and to feel in a certain way.


You are trying effortlessly to make your customer remember you, remember your brand and feel happy about your service.

But most business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs are doing it wrong.

What is programming and why is it important to pay attention to it?

Our brain in action called ‘The Mind’.

The mind has two important parts:

1- The ‘Creative Mind’

2- and the ‘Programmed Mind’.

The creative mind is the mind that learns new things, creates, and innovates… It is very slow but essential in our growth.

The programmed mind is habitual and based on routines and repetition. It is the house of our habits, memories, and experiences.

Here is the thing in your business:

You try to help your prospects to pay attention to your message on social media, to get involved in your marketing process, and to answer your sales call. You treat the mind of your customer equally, neglecting the fact that you and your customer as humans function into two levels of minds: creative and programmed (autopilot).

Let’s break down the process:

1- Prospects pay attention to your message:

When your prospect see your message for the first time, the creative mind is the one that picks it up.

But the creative mind doesn’t operate independently because it very slow. It has to communicate with the programmed mind that is a million time more powerful.

If your prospect has memories, habits and experiences that support your message, the prospect takes it with ease. If not, the clash happens. Here is where most entrepreneurs and coaches mess it up.

If your prospect has no support of you and your message in their programed mind (which likely to happen in most cases), it is your job to create it. It is your job to reprogram the programed mind of your customer.

I know your human rights genes started to kick off right now saying this is not ethical. Shut it up and continue reading.

If you really believe that your message and your offer can help your prospect transform their lives and their results, you should go all in. It is your responsibility to help them reprogram their mind to elevate themselves physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. And, you should be accountable to do that.

So, if your message has no support in the programmed mind of your prospect you should create it. You can only do it by helping your customer create New Habits.

A new habit requires a new routine plan that should be repeated on a daily basis for a certain period of time. Once done correctly, you help your customer acquires a new habit that will transform their results for ever.

This is why you should post every single day on social media.

This is why you should keep your conversation open daily with your customers.

Customers and prospects who are following you on a daily basis, are reprograming their mind unconsciously. You are helping them to change without them noticing.

This is why you are responsible… Because if you do it right you can help your community to grow and prosper, and if you do it wrong like some politicians you will create a struggling community (this is what I call poverty. Poverty is a way of thinking and feeling more than a social circumstance).

2- Help your prospect get involved in your marketing process, and to answer your sales call:

Here is another problem that entrepreneurs and coaches mess up because they don’t have the right knowledge about it.

The decision on your marketing and sales don’t happen at the creative mind level, it happens at the programed mind level where all the habits are being stored.

This is why most entrepreneurs and coaches create the best Ads, the best sales funnels, and yet no one listen to them. It happens because those entrepreneurs and coaches talk only to the creative mind and don’t implement a daily process to engrave a new habit around their offer.

Your Ads, your marketing and your sales efforts become blah blah blah…

Keep this in mind:

you are not in the business of selling products, but in the business of helping customers acquire new elevated habits.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the emotional signature of your thoughts and habits and why it is super important in marketing and sales. If you want it comment below “I”.

To Your Elevated New Habits!

Georges Hanna.




I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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Georges Hanna

Georges Hanna

I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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