How do you go from broke to profitable?

Want to get results?

Get more elevated emotions?

Get more profits in the three currencies: Energy, Time, and Money?

So how do you go from broke to profitable?

Well there are a few strategies that will help you get big results for your clients and elevated feelings of joy, fun, and excitement with your brand. Here’s a list of 5 things you can do now:

1) Keep it simple — keep it as easy as possible so they maintain the elevated state. Don’t include too much information or an overwhelming amount- just what they need to know to start getting immediate returns on their investment in time and money with you, your company, or your products! Remember people don’t want to feel dumb when taking advice from experts- but we all still like when things are simple and easy to use, even when they come from an expert!

2) Stop selling the product — focus on them getting elevated feelings , elevated energy, elevated time in their life. This way they get immediate results — of elevated feelings- of elevated emotions, which leads to elevated results flow.

3) Get out there and get experience- go out into the world of business, marketing, leadership, or another industry that you want to learn about or grow your brand with. Gather more knowledge than ever before so you can give people what they want. Then put it all together for bigger impact , elevated experiences , elevated money flow, elevated emotions and elevated states of mind.

4) Uncover the hidden problems by asking questions- ask them what their biggest challenge is right now with whatever it is they want to elevate. If you do this, you’ll uncover a lot more of the real issues they have and not just surface challenges that may be temporary. You can use these revealed insights about their challenges to provide elevated solutions for elevated amateurs. You can get more profit by using information that will make your brand better. You will feel good and have more energy. People who use this information will have a lot of time in their life to do what they want to do.

5) Build the elevator speech- build an easier to use elevator pitch for your brand. Elevator speeches are very important because you only have a few seconds to make an impact on someone who can potentially elevate their results with your brand! Think about it like this: would they rather spend 8 hours each day in traffic commuting back and forth or would they prefer to spend 1 hour per week elevating their life?

This is what you call Elevate the amateur and taking people from broke (or not having fun, enjoyment, joy etc.) to profitable (getting more joy, excitement, enjoyment etc.). Build the elevator pitch that puts them into action faster. Build them up faster so they become better at life sooner. Build them up faster so they get more results in the three currencies: energy, time, and money.

If you want bigger profits in your life, an easier way to elevate people’s lives, or happier customers- here you go! Just follow these 5 things to get big results with elevated feelings of joy, fun, and excitement. The more elevated emotions you have, the better your life will be. The better your life is, the happier you will be.

Georges Hanna




I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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Georges Hanna

Georges Hanna

I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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