Here’s the secret to get paid customers fast this weekend that marketers will NEVER tell you…

1- People buy your knowledge before they buy your tangible product.

2- People seek the right information before they make a decision to buy. The right information comes in the format of your messages, your posts, your content, your customer’s testimonials… and any other format you share.

3- By nature, human beings only process information. Meaning, everything we come across in our life including a product, we associate a story to it. That story is no more than an emotional piece of information.

4- By nature, our senses only process information. When we see a product or we touch a product, we send a message to our brain to take an action based on the information exchanged with our senses. Then, we start justifying the meaning of that kind of information that we call a STORY.

5- This is why, we sell offers, we don’t sell products. Because an offer is just a product + a story.

6- By now, you see the importance of information, knowledge and stories. This is simply our human nature. This is the way we communicate internally with ourselves, and externally with the world and its products.

7- So, why dont you sell information?

8- Now, you have two options: keep doing what you are doing and get the same old results. OR, use the power of information to leverage your time, your knowledge, your years of experience, your systems, your processes… you name them, to sell more offers and make more profit.

9- It is time to use your information and your knowledge as a tool to create a new line in your business. Call it: the Knowledge Offer Line. That line of offers will bring you an extra stream of income on autopilot, because once it is created, you can automate the process and sell it on autopilot 24/7/365.

10- That new line, can be used also for marketing purposes to give away free info products or to sell info products at a higher price.

11- That new line will be your newest asset you add to your wealth that I call the Digital Real Estate Assets.

12- The best way to create your Digital Real Estate Assets is by selling information in the format of Micro Workshops.

13- Micro Workshops are a great marketing tool to position yourself as an expert in your market, while making money coaching people on the knowledge you have.

14- Micro Workshops works if you are selling shoes, massage or consulting… it works for every single product and in every single industry.

15- Check my Micro Workshop to get an idea you can model for your business:

16- With Micro Workshop you can sell your knowledge fist, warm up people, and ascend them in your Value Steps to buy more expensive offers.

17- Micro Workshop works because you sell them at a cheap price, therefore they are a low risk. People will not hesitate to buy them. Because for them, it is not a huge money commitment up front.

18- Once you give the value inside, now people are more ready to invest in your expensive offer.

19- That’s it :)





I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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Georges Hanna

Georges Hanna

I Help business owners get high-ticket paid clients, add Income Streams, Increase Profits, while Spending Less Time via my Expert Impact Model.

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