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Georges Hanna
3 min readJan 8, 2022


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In life you will encounter many decisions to make, from the simplest of tasks to the most important.

For a lot of people, their freedom is at stake in these choices they make. It’s scary, but freedom can be lost so easily by doing something as simple as buying a house.

That freedom gained over years can be lost when you are tied down to a mortgage for 25 years or more.

This freedom is something that everyone has to face. After a while, a lot of people start to wonder if freedom is really worth the risks that come with it. It’s clear from movies and stories that freedom is worth fighting for, as long as you know how to fight.

In truth, freedom is the biggest reward after years of hard work, but freedom doesn’t have to be scary.

The freedom you will lose if you don’t take risks is freedom from stress, freedom to do what you really love, freedom from being restricted by the need to have a job… freedom from having someone else pay your bills.

In this article, I’m going to show you some simple, low-risk ways that will help you get your freedom back.

1) Get free by not buying a house.

Houses are great, if you live on your own and you’re not planning on moving any time soon. If that’s not the case, buying a house is not an investment. It’s just throwing away your freedom so you can pay someone else to keep it for you.

2) Get free by investing in cash flow producing assets such as the Digital Income Producing Assets (DIPA), or in multiple units real estate assets…

In the world of digital assets, it becomes a lot easier to create your digital income producing assets that generate monthly cash flow on autopilot. Bringing cash flow on autopilot is known as passive income.

Wealthy people are measured by how much passive income they can produce to monetize the lifestyle they want.

Wealthy people do not buy their luxury items from their earned income. They spend from their passive income instead. While poor people spend on luxury items from their earned income such as a salary or a business revenue. That is the key to freedom.

Lots of people they may don’t have the money to invest in real estate. Instead, a low risk digital asset that produces passive income are the DIPAs, such as knowledge products, online programs, systems you have learned or created, or processes you have perfected throughout the years…

Those DIPAs are highly needed by individuals to learn better skills, or by companies to get what they want at the lowest risk and at faster speed.

Your ability to produce those DIPAs a d selling them online comes to one thing: Grit. Having the persistence and the willingness to invest your time to produce digital assets will give you the freedom you want. The financial freedom, the time freedom, and the travel freedom…

Pay the price today, so you can harvest the results tomorrow!

You will fail more times before you succeed, but it’s worth taking those risks when your goal is something big. The key to success in life and business alike? Demonstrating what makes you special and paying the price today so you get your freedom tomorrow.

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