17 Secrets to Succeed in Business for 2030

My 17 Secrets to Succeed with a Business for 2030 starting today.

After more than 15 years working with entrepreneurs in different sectors, I want to share the lessons I have learned.

I want to share some real actionable “How To” vs. posting some End Results…

Here are the 17 lesson secrets you can DEPLOY in your business as

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1- You come first: Care less about what people think — they are not going to pay your bills and people will not be thinking about you all the time. So, relieve the pressure to need to impress anyone.

2- You are not one person: you are a community of cells, emotions, thoughts and feelings. Your results depend on your internal state. Your body is the key to turn your internal state instantly from negative to positive.

3- Develop Your High Potential Skill: with the technology disruption, it is necessary that you develop your high potential skill that makes you irreplaceable in the market. Your high potential skill is not linear. It is multi-dimensional.

4- Knowledge is the precursor of change. Acquiring the right knowledge and sharing it with your clients is the key to drive results in their lives or business.

5- Beware who gives you an advice: gurus are everywhere these days. No one can advise you on everything. Be selective who advise you on what. At the end, it is your SOLE responsibility to get the results you want. Don’t blame anyone for your own results. Own your life and don’t waste your time in the victim mode blaming others.

6- Hard Work is your admission ticket to your success but it is not the end result. Develop processes, hypnotic offers, and delegate tasks to scale your business. Keeping busy producing the same results every month is called depression. We are created to grow every day. Staying where we are is against our human nature.

7- Results are Habits: your business and your results are no more than developing good habits. Habits are the by-products of your daily routines. If your life or your business sucks, review your habits.

8- Become a great leader to drive a community of strong believers in your mission, your message and lead them to something better in their lives and in their business. Leadership cannot be learned in a workshop. It is a way of life.

9- You don’t sell products, you sell the future in the now: People don’t buy products. They buy a better version of themselves. They buy a positive internal state. Educate yourself today about the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology to understand how you can help yourself first, then your clients to add more value to their lives.

10- Marketing and sales are about managing people’s STRESS. A bit of stress using scarcity and urgency moves people toward taking actions. Too much stress freezes people and prevent them from taking actions.

11- Leverage comes from great offers, great team, great systems, great cash reserves, and great execution.

12- Complex is easy and Simple is hard. By nature we complex things. Simplicity needs laser focus and innovative approaches.

13- Innovation is the driving factor of the current economy. Entrepreneurs who don’t innovate will end up consuming what others are creating. Innovation is your passport to differentiation.

14- Every business should export: no matter what you are selling locally. You can always create a new line in your business using knowledge products to export online 24/7/365. Limiting your options to a local market is a suicide in most cases.

15- The three currencies that drive any market are Money, Time and Energy. Focusing on one will cause you more harm than benefits. You have to work simultaneously on all of the three.

16- Money is the measurement of the person you become not only the cash you collect in your bank account. You cannot make a million dollar income with 2k employee’s income mentality. Upgrade your skills and your knowledge so you get paid respectively.

17- “Free” does not help, it hurts: in our human nature, you need to understand the law of Giving & Receiving. When you give something free, you MUST receive in return (money in case of business). Most people keep giving and get afraid from asking. This imbalance damages you and your ability to proceed healthier in your life.

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Talk soon.

Georges Hanna

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